Saturday, March 20, 2010

20th March 2010: Anuar Ibrahim will be jailed for TREASON??

I've read article by DPM Muhyidin, and just I've read similar article, but this time from the PM Najib himself.. read here from NST

Najib says ""The authorities know what to do. It’s up to them,"   This is probably the strongest hint yet to his minister from KDN.  Somewhat lately, I think KDN has been mellowing down... some even suggest KDN is turning 'gayish'  hehehe or some might say sotongi....

I personally say, this is the time to uphold laws!  After all the majority (read BN voters) are behind KDN through the elected government, or do you want the majority to vote PKR, PAS, DAP etc?

But this time around, do it professionally... I know for a fact that our police force is very competent.  just do it!

This time around, take in whovever flouts the law... charge them immediately.  Ini termasuklah si penipu2 mcm juak2 pembangkang.. smua bende depa nak kencin...  takde satu bende pun yg kerajaan buat yg elok.

Anuar knows what he did was wrong, tu yg cepat jek lari pi UK.. hahaha kepanasan.....

ps: part TREASON tu, aku tak confirm la, pi la carik mana2 loyar tanya, kes nuar tipu dgn menggunakan nama Agong tu masuk kriteria apa?

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