Saturday, March 13, 2010

13th March 2010: GST for Malaysian & New Economic Model (NEM)



Ok, read here from NST 13th March 2010

then, read here from Msian Insider on similar topics

My thoughts - Datuk Seri Najib, please scramble all gov agencies to explain more on the GST. and err, please help convince us that GST will help the rakyat marhaen, sure ke harga barang tak naik, as far as I know, all co will have to include all 4% GST in their commercial invoice, wont it increase the total value of goods. Do you think manufacturer will lower down their price becoz of no Duty/Sales tax (which is roughly abt 15%). Betui ka?


read here from our 2nd finance minisiter
>> I'd love it and perhaps become more convinced that gov is committed to uphold the NEP spirits.

read here for the latest buzz abt NEM, erm.. good move!

a. The new econimic policy has no special provisions for the benefits of the majority bumiputera? what do you think?

b. It is wise for the Gov to postpone / deliberate more on the executions of their economics planning, specially to accomodate the needs of the majority bumiputera.

c. It is important that the gov narrow down the ecominics gap between the majority bumiputera and the hugely succesful chinese malaysians. We dont want the country to be in chaos becoz of economic jealousy, becoz of the financial gap etc. We need to balance out the economy period.

d. But at the same time, a) do not deny all malaysians the right to do business, and b) ensure an efficient public services dept.

e. I think, we malaysian lot, are quite tolerant, we dont really go out and kill our neighbour, we just want to live happily with our families and perhaps some financial freedom.. or whatever people call them.

f. So to the BN lead gov., please pay more attention to the majority, we are the ones that voted for you... oppositions? the untrusthworthy PKR? the chauvinist DAP? the ISLAM in masquarade... ampeh! But they are the minority! Dont think too much abt them, but dont let them go scott-free for breaking the law.

h. heheh aku dah meraban.. traaaa

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