Sunday, March 24, 2013

Anwar Ibrahim shud step down.

“Dari Abu Hurairah r.a. Rasulullah SAW bersabda: “Akan timbul di akhir zaman orang-orang yang mencari keuntungan dunia dengan menjual agama. Mereka menunjukkan kepada orang lain pakaian yang dibuat dari kulit kambing (berpura-pura zuhud dari dunia) untuk mendapat simpati orang banyak, dan percakapan mereka lebih manis daripada gula. Padahal hati mereka adalah hati serigala (mempunyai tujuan-tujuan yang jahat). 

Allah swt. Berfirman kepada mereka, “Apakah kamu tertipu dengan kelembutan Ku?, Ataukah kamu terlampau berani berbohong kepada Ku?. Demi kebesaran Ku, Aku bersumpah akan menurunkan suatu fitnah yang akan terjadi di kalangan mereka sendiri, sehingga orang yang alim (cendikiawan) pun akan menjadi bingung (dengan sebab fitnah itu).” (HR At-Tirmizi)

Extracted from APANAMA


People Against Opposition Response to Anwar Ibrahim Supporter.

  1. Below is an exchange between me and an anonymous Anwar Ibrahim supporter. You may judge for yourself why Anwar is loosing ground support as his supporters cannot even defend him on moral issues as this posting clearly shows that many of his supporters now (including this one)  accepted that he is a man of low moral values but now they are turning the tables by saying that why make a devil of one (Anwar) and an angel (Najib, Rosmah, Muhyiddin, etc)  of the other. My response, below.

    Kalau Anwar is to step down due to non-proven accusations, then every politician who faces the same dilemma should step down as well. Which means Najib, Muhyiddin, etc etc all must step down also. We must be fair to all politicians right? Najib who is full of controversies and accused of crimes we cannot prove yet - altantuya, the 'scorpine' scandal, Rosmah's ring scandal, the drastic increase in capital debt, the highest ever capital flight scandal, etc. etc. has not stepped down, why should Anwar? The issues surrounding Najib has more relevance to the people and our welfare and is more serious than the mere questionable sexual orientation of a man.
  2. Non proven accusations - (wrong choice of words)...Anwar was convicted for abuse of power and he went to jail for it. Whether you agree with the court sentence is another matter. Anwar is judge on moral standards. A sound leader must have upright moral values as this will have influence on the younger generations. If your father is an adulterer or homosexual deviant, I dont think so you would be proud of that. The father of a nation should and must have moral standards which we all can be proud of. Anwar has not one but now few videos evidence against him. You might NOT want to accept the admissibility of those video evidences reasons best known to you but for me, I believe those videos and photos are real and for your information, I know Anwar on a personal basis. Other politicians have taken the bite for their misbehaving like Chua Soi Lek and he resigned from all posts without any ceremony and later was re-elected by the people. Rahim Tamby Chik, Muhammad Taib, Datuk Mokhtar, Shahrizat, etc all resigned from their respective posts. For Najib and Muhyiddin, what you are saying are mere allegations. Rosmah's ring is a lie concocted by Che Gu Bard and everybody knew about it. Altantuya case was tried in court with more than 100 wtinesses being called and not one single evidence to link Najib and Rosmah. Najib even went to Masjid Guar Perahu and swear in the name of Allah that he didnt know Altantuya. Zulfkli Zainordin (one of the accused lawyer) gave evidence that Anwar ask him to fabricate SD against Najib. The Scorpine purchase was done according to regulations and it was even tabled in Parliment. The French court saga is another fabricated lie concocted by Pakatan Rakyat. Capital debt was another lie that are being circulated as the IMF and World Bank report shows Malaysia as one of the better governed country in the midst of global ecomonic meltdown with latest growth % of more than 5%. The capital debt issue should be taken against the Kedah state government for going bankcrupt after taken over by PAS. Lim Gua Eng push through RM 6.8million tunnel and road projects in Penang with a RM 2 company and an exconvict is currently running that company which was awarded the project after the tender submission was closed. We are discussing moral issues. Base on that, Anwar must resign to restore confidence back in his leadership. You just cant take the rakyat for a ride. Latest, Anwar dont even have confidence to contest In Permatang Pauh..Why ? Deep in his heart, he knows, he lost it. With the implication of Lahad Datu terrorist attack, whereby Anwar did open a forum in Sabah talking about giving autonomy back to Sabah. As Karpal Singh said, Anwar Ibrahim harus bertaubat. Anwar Ibrahim has done enough trouble for the country. UMNO and BN are not angels but at least they are very clear about their leadership and have taken action against leaders who crossed the lines. If you look at BN Administration, in 1957 with the Alliance, our GDP stood at RM 5.5 billion and after 55 years, our GDP stands at more than RM 300 billion. Thats what changing our nation from agro based economy to an industrialised nation. The communication policy adopted by BN enable you and me to connect online via so many internet protocols as we have one of the best broadband infrastructure in the region. So in short, Anwar and Pakatan goons can fool some simpleton who make simplistic summary of our national political issues. But if you look deeper, the crux of the matter is something else. My opinion, Anwar must step down. Thanks for commenting.. Lets vote at GE 13........

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